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Industrial Artist, Designer, CAD. CNC. Machining. 3D Printing. Film Props. Special Effects. Custom Equipment.

Lead Designer and Fabricator at Walter Klassen FX

Instagram @takudazai

Torture device of the week for “Reign” medieval knee breaker. Brass, aluminum and steel.
Had to make the king’s crown lighter for the actor. The right is the original brass crown, the left is a thinner brass with 3d printed details weighing a third of the weight.
Got an email from Adam Savage from Myth Busters saying he got one of the hand controllers from Guillermo Del Toro. Glad it went to a good home
Charge Blades from the SYFY show Defiance.

We have been super busy building and filling orders for the Sling Shot a new support system for brushless gimbals like the Movi or the DJI Ronin.  Here`s a shot from an operator in Australia,.

‪#‎heliguy‬ Director ‪#‎jmac‬ getting intimate with a ‪#‎V8‬ ‪#‎Supercar‬ this morning on the beach in Qld.
Putting our DJI Global Ronin gimbal and Walter Klassen FX Slingshot to the test and nailing sandy silk!