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Art. Design. CAD. CNC. Machining. 3D Printing. Film Props. Special Effects. Film Equipment..
A nice shot of Mia Wasikowska on set of the new Guillermo Del Toro film with her belt buckle made by Walter and Jason at the shop.
Just serviced a Carbon Head for Dale Myrand who told me that 60% of Looper was shot using our remote head.  I really liked that film.
random props
Robocop, Resident Evil, Zoom, Defiance, Total Recall
Carbon Head on the set of Hawaii 5-0.  Photo courtesy of

This is the newest version with the clutch.
Just received the Pacific Rim book. It is beautiful and shows a couple of the props we built. I wonder if there will be a book for Guillermo Del Toro’s movie we’re working on now? Better make things really pretty.