Maker of Things

Industrial Artist, Designer, CAD. CNC. Machining. 3D Printing. Film Props. Special Effects. Custom Equipment.

Lead Designer and Fabricator at Walter Klassen FX

Instagram @takudazai

Charge Blades from the SYFY show Defiance.

We have been super busy building and filling orders for the Sling Shot a new support system for brushless gimbals like the Movi or the DJI Ronin.  Here`s a shot from an operator in Australia,.

‪#‎heliguy‬ Director ‪#‎jmac‬ getting intimate with a ‪#‎V8‬ ‪#‎Supercar‬ this morning on the beach in Qld.
Putting our DJI Global Ronin gimbal and Walter Klassen FX Slingshot to the test and nailing sandy silk!
The Trembler
Defiance Terra Sphere